Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Two Terrifying Shots

     Today I thought I’d break things up a bit by posting about drinks, specifically a couple with horror-related aspects.  Right off the bat I thought of the Bloody Brain.  This is a shooter which looks awesomely disgusting AND actually still tastes good.  When done right it’s pretty amazing—it really does look like someone, say, decapitated a small animal like a squirrel, ripped out its brain, and dumped it into a glass.
     I’ve only had a Bloody Brain in bars, prepared by professional bartenders, so I had to look up how to make it.  And here was an issue—there’s no clear consensus on its ingredients and then how to make it.  Therefore, I’ll pass along what I discovered, and I encourage interested parties to experiment and see which one works best.
     Ingredients: 1) Three-quarters to one and a half ounces of a sweet liquor, either
                              strawberry vodka, strawberry schnapps, or peach schnapps.
                         2) One half to three quarters of an ounce of Bailey’s Irish Cream.
                         3)  A “splash” to a tablespoon of grenadine.
                         4) (In one version) One eighth of an ounce of Rose’s Lime Juice.
     Directions: 1) Put vodka/schnapps and lime juice in shaker, and shake thoroughly,
                             and pour into a glass.  Very slowly drip drops of Bailey’s into glass
                             using a straw, until curdled “brain” forms.  Add grenadine to glass to
                             form “blood.”
                         2) Shake schapps and grenadine in shaker with ice, and pour into a glass. 
                             Add Bailey’s slowly, over a spoon, in middle of glass until “brain”
     Sorry I couldn’t be more specific, but when it’s done competently the result is pleasing to both the morbid eye and the palate.  Also, you could always be lazy and just order it in a bar, like I did.

     My second drink, the Cement Mixer, is horrifying because it’s a cruel prank.  I doubt anyone really likes this—it’s a trick to play on novice drinkers.  Whether you take this information to avoid an unpleasant experience, or use it to mess with naïve friends and acquaintances is up to you.
     Ingredients:  1) One part Bailey’s Irish Cream
                          2) One part lime or lemon juice.
     Directions:  Have victim, er, drinker, take shot of Bailey’s but have them keep it in
                         their mouth.  Next have them add the lime or lemon juice, and then shake
                         their head vigorously from side to side, “mixing the cement.”  The citrus
                         juice will cause the Bailey’s to curdle into a disgusting, solid paste, which
                         will stick to the person’s teeth, and is difficult to swallow.  Be warned,
                         depending on the sensitivity of the drinker, the results will range from
                         simple revulsion to an upset stomach to vomiting to diarrhea.

Finally, in doing the “scholarly research” for this post, I realized that drink-wise I’ve led a fairly sheltered life.  A site called BarMeister listed hundreds of unfamiliar adult/disturbing/funny named drink types, some verging on the truly tasteless and prejudiced.  A few which caught my eye and/or amused me were “Sex With a Coma Patient,” “Anal Rape,” and (my favorite) “Blue Eyed Canadian Whore With a Touch of Gold.”  Requesting that last one must be a little difficult when you’ve had a few.
     So there you have it—enjoy.  Or in the case of the Cement Mixer, don’t.
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  1. This was a fun post, but I think I'll stick to my wine. LOL! :)

  2. Thanks, Jolie. Myself, I'm more of a beer drinker, but I do make an exception every now and then, especially if the shot seems disturbing enough.