Saturday, September 29, 2012

Blog Hop and Guest Blog Schedule

     I'm happy to announce that I'll be participating in my second blog hop, which starts this Monday, October 1st, and runs through Sunday, October 7th.  This is a particularly special hop because it's for Musa Publishing's one year anniversary.  Just as with the previous blog hop, this means I'll be posting more often, probably at least 4-5 times during the week.  So I encourage everyone to stop by, and also visit the other Musa authors who are participating, which the last time I checked was 78 other blogs!  Like before I'll be offering  free copies of my ebooks to contest winners.  See you there!
      Additionally, I'm participating in the Halloween Spooktacular being run at Book Lovers Hideaway.  My guest post about Halloween costumes will be up on October 7th.  The address is:   There will be an ebook giveaway contest with this one, too.   


  1. Hi. ;) Does this post count as one of the 5 for the Musa Blog Hop? Have a great week.


  2. ceagles--again, I appreciate you dropping by. Sure, this post counts, too. Also, I think I'll be posting a couple of more times than I originally thought, so it should be a total of 7 posts within the contest. Hope you enjoy the rest of the Blog Hop.