Saturday, February 9, 2013

Exotic/Disgusting Foods and Beverages Forum--Antelope and Wild Boar

     Late last year a friend of mine (Hi Ricky) told me about a restaurant in southeastern Pennsylvania that serves a good variety of exotic meats.  As luck would have it, only a month or two later I was assigned to a job within a half hour or so from this establishment.  Therefore, in December I celebrated my birthday by descending on the place with my crew of fellow archaeologists.
     The restaurant in question is called Half Moon, and it's located in the picturesque small town of Kennett Square.  In addition to their exotic meat selection, they also boast an extensive beer list.  They sell a variety of local microbrews, as well as quite a few Belgian beers.
     But back to my main focus, the unusual animal flesh.  I started off with an appetizer of three different types--wild boar sausage, antelope, and elk.  The elk I've had before, at the Bald Headed Bistro in Tennessee, and it was just as excellent the second time.  The sausage was very tasty as well, but truth be told, it didn't taste that different from regular sausage.  The antelope was also very good--kind of a cross between beef and venison, and very tender.  I would have liked to have known which species of antelope it was ("antelope" is a catch all term), but alas, further information wasn't forthcoming.
     For my entree I chose the wild boar burger, with Gorgonzola cheese.  And this was spectacular--really delicious.  In burger form I did taste a difference, as the meat was distinctive from regular pork.  Usually "gamy" is used as an insulting term, which I disagree with completely.  In my way of thinking gamy means an edgier, sharper, but better taste than regular, blander meat.  Anyway, the boar burger was gamy, and definitely in a good way.
     Half Moon also rotates their menu, meaning in other parts of the year they will have other exotics--they list llama, emu, caribou, alligator, and Sika deer in addition to the December 2012 fare of the ones I already discussed and kangaroo, buffalo, and ostrich.  So, in short, I have even more incentive to go back.  For those who like to eat local, and/or are concerned about consuming wild animals for parasitic/health reasons, they can be comforted by the fact that Half Moon gets it game from local farms.

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