Sunday, June 22, 2014


     I'm please to announce that I have another story out coming soon.  It's called "Unholy Spirit," and it's in the July, 2014 issue of Under the Bed.  Sufferers of coulrophobia will no doubt be alarmed by this cover.
     Obviously I'm happy when any of my stories are published, but I'm particularly satisfied about this one.  The main character, Keisha, has to be the most vile, evil character I've ever written.  As such, she was fun to write.
     I'm including a few comments about this story written by Lester Billings, Jr., who was the editor of the (now defunct?) magazine "The Psychic Radio."  He wrote, "your story freaked a lot of people out.  As a tale of horror; "Unholy Spirit" is an unqualified success."  And later, "I've got a question that's been burning a hole in my soul and that is:  How were you able to live with your character long enough to get the story written?  Do you write from some deep, dark wellspring of depravity or are you a professional who was looking for just that effect?"
     Well, that was nice to hear.  Funny and gross movie director John Waters once said that he considered a viewer vomiting in disgust at viewing one of his films to be like a standing ovation.  And I think every horror writer considers freaking readers out, and even causing them to speculate about whether the author is criminally insane to be the sincerest of compliments.  (Note:  I was unable to find a way to contact Mr. Billings, and ask if it was okay that I used his reply as a promotional tool.  If you're reading this, Mr. Billings, and you're unhappy about this, please say so and I'll of course remove it immediately.)
     The issue is due out in a couple of weeks, on July 4th or 5th.  I'll include an excerpt and blurb then.  Until then, I'll leave with the taglines:  The phrase, "A fate worse than death," is usually an exaggeration.  Keisha Cartwright actually delivers this to her victims, and then some.

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