Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Horror Movie Trivia Contest

     Just to review, this is one of the contests I’m running for the Coffin Hop.  The first person to comment in with all 10 answers correct wins their choice of a free copy of one of my ebooks—“Dead Reckoning” or “Kaishaku.”  In the event that no one answers all 10 correct, it will go to the person who answers the most correct by the end of the Hop—12:01 a.m., November 1st, 2014, Eastern Standard Time.  (And in the event of a tie, I’ll flip a coin, or draw names out of a hat.)
     As usual, I tried to make this challenging, so some brief internet searches might be necessary to figure these out.  Enjoy!

1)      Famous (infamous?) entertainer/actor/comedian/performance artist Andy Kaufman made his movie debut playing a murderous policeman in a 1970’s sci-fi/horror movie.  Name it.
2)      What famous horror director had an early job working on “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” shooting the “Mr. Rogers Gets a Tonsillectomy” episode?  (Side note—at the time, future movie star Michael Keaton was also working on the show, as a grip.)
3)      What actor appeared in both a “Friday the 13th” movie, two “Return of the Living Dead” movies, and is reported a good friend of George Clooney?
4)      What actress appeared in 1985’s “Weird Science,” 1988’s “Return of the Living Dead Part 2,”  1988’s “Killer Klowns from Outer Space,” and in two episodes of “Seinfeld,” one in which she played a Nazi?
5)      What two later famous actors both appeared in 1994’s “Texas Chainsaw Massacre:  The Next Generation”?
6)      What famous sci-fi/horror director played a character who is killed by Jason Voorhees in a “Friday the 13th” movie?
7)      What famous horror director played a party guest (and was uncredited) in a scene in the 1988 Eddie Murphy comedy “Coming to America”?
8)      What was the only movie that Wes Craven directed to receive an Academy Award nomination, (for acting)?
9)      Famous actress Jennifer Aniston had her first real movie role in an early 1990’s horror movie.  Name it.  (Technically she first appeared in 1988’s legendarily awful “Mac and Me,” but that was as a extra.)

10)  Rank the following horror series in order, from least number of films to most.  This counts all remakes/reboots, etc.  And this is as of right now, late October, 2014—sure to change!  “Friday the 13th,” “Halloween,” “The Howling,” Nightmare on Elm Street,” “Saw,” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”  I’ll provide the numbers:  6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 12.


  1. Ooh, ooh! I know the answer to #9! It's Leprechaun! Yay me!! and about #10, I'd say, from least number of films to the most: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Howling, Saw, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Friday the 13th. Maybe??

    Anyway, at least this time I knew ONE answer. Great questions!

    Happy hopping =)

  2. 1. The Movie? Larry Cohen's "God Told Me To"
    2.The Awesome Mr. George A. Romero
    3.Thom Mathews
    4.Suzanne Snyder
    5.Renée Zellweger & Matthew McConaughey
    6.David Cronenberg
    7.Tobe Hooper
    8.Music of the Heart
    10. a The Howling 6
    b Texas Chainsaw Massacre 7
    c Saw 8
    d Nightmare on Elm Street 9
    e Halloween 10
    f Friday the 13th 12

  3. This is embarrassing. I rechecked and I made a mistake for Question 10. I thought Saw had 6 movies so far, but it was actually 7. So I'll throw that question out. (If you're curious, the (corrected) order is Saw and Texas Chainsaw Massacre at 7, The Howling with 8, Nightmare on Elm St. with 9, Halloween with 10, and Friday the 13th with 12. Since you had Questions 1-9 correct, that means that you're the winner, Julia. Congrats! You can email me at: and we can make the arrangements. I am posting a blurb and excerpt of "Kaishaku" tomorrow, if you want to check that out before deciding which ebook you want. And Georgina, thanks also for playing, and dropping by.