Saturday, December 13, 2014

Writing Updates

     Just went through the first round of edits on my story for the "Creature Stew" anthology, and it went very well.  As I mentioned in a post a couple of months ago, this horror anthology is being put out by Papa Bear Press, and will probably be available in January or February of next year.  My contribution, "The Existence Mezzanine," is a tale about vicious zombies--but with a distinctive twist.
     Also, I'm please to announce that another story, "See?", was recently accepted for an anthology from NoodleDoodle Publications.  This anthology will be Volume 2 of "Fear's Accomplice."  Volume 1 of "Fear's Accomplice" has done very well, and hopefully this bodes well for the sequel.  This book is scheduled for a mid February release.
      And as usual, I'll continue to update new information on both of these, such as when the covers are chosen, and when the release dates are made official.

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