Saturday, March 14, 2015

Two Bits of Writing News

    Got some good writing news recently.  First, I heard from Grinning Skull Press.  My story, "Cruel to be Kind" was accepted for "Cranial Leakage:  Tales from the Grinning Skull Volume 2."  It's due out in the summer.  I'll pass along more concrete details and the cover as soon as I get them.
    Secondly, it's time for my annual article in In D'tale Magazine, I guess.  My piece about rejection will be in their May issue.
    Clearly, "Cranial Leakage Volume 2" will have its own blurb.  But to give you a taste of the type of outfit Grinning Skull Press is, and because I like its imagery, I'm posting the blurb for Volume 1.
     "Conceived in darkness, to feed off the host.  It is poked at and prodded, all the while growing within the confines of the authors' mind until it reaches the point where it will no longer be contained.  It forces its way through the porous openings in the skull, insinuating itself into the bloodstream, feeding into the very cells of its host, who has only one desire--to rid itself of this parasite before it is driven insane."
     Also, apropos of nothing, I recently learned I might have six lumbar vertebrae (the lower back bones) instead of the normal five.  I'll find out in a few days if I'm an evolutionary throwback to our Hominid and Australopithecine ancestors.  (It's actually not that uncommon a congenital anomaly, and usually doesn't give its bearers any advantage or disadvantage.  But as someone who is into bones and general weirdness, I kind of hope it is true.)  

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