Friday, May 1, 2015

May Issue of InD'tale Now Available

     I'm happy to report that the May issue of InD'tale is now available.  As I talked about previously, this issue features an article I wrote about writers' rejections.  I've included various records for single manuscripts, as well as total rejections for one author.  It also has some amusing editors' quotations about famous books, and some of my personal thoughts and experiences with rejection.  Joining me in the issue are Brenda Novak, Tammy Grant, Sofia St. Angeles, Fiona Jayde, Rachel Rossano, Becky Lower, and Amy Jarecki.  And as usual, the issue has many book reviews.   It can be found at:  http://www.indtalecom    I'd like to thank TJ Mackay and the rest of the staff at InD'tale.  So I encourage you to head on over and enjoy 114 pages of free reads!

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