Saturday, July 18, 2015

Good and Bad News

     I'll mention the bad news first.  As regular readers know, for the past three years I've been participating in the Coffin Blog Hop at the end of October.  This Halloween-themed Hop was for horror authors and artists to both entertain readers and promote their creative ventures.  Alas, the co-creator and current organizer, Axel Howerton, announced yesterday that he's cancelling it.  I understand his reasons, but I'm obviously disappointed.  I always looked forward to checking out other authors' works, and the fun contests and interesting articles about horror and Halloween-related things.  So thanks to Axel and company for developing and running a worthwhile event, and it will be missed.  RIP Coffin Hop.  I think I still will do some Coffin Hop-esque posts in late October, but it won't be the usual volume, and participation, of course.
     The good news is I recently got another acceptance.  My story, "Sheol," will be part of the Creepy Campfire Stories (for Grownups) Quarterly, from EMP Publishing.  Originally the Stories were part of an anthology, but due to the volume of manuscripts they received, EMP has expanded the theme into a Quarterly publication.  As the parenthetical subtitle suggests, this one isn't for the kiddies--expect lots of bloody, disturbing pieces about adult issues.  My story concerns a vision of the afterlife which is weird and terrifying.  Anyway, it's due out January 20, 2016.  EMP's address is:   Obviously I will post any more details, such as the cover, when I get them.

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