Saturday, October 31, 2015

More Horror Movie Trivia

     As I mentioned in last week's post, as a mini-homage to the late, lamented Coffin Blog Hop, I'm doing a couple of Halloween-themed posts, including another round of horror movie trivia.  As before, feel free to post your answers in the comments section.  I'll post the correct answers in the comments section in a week or two.
     Also, it looks like I might have another anthology acceptance.  If things go well I'll be posting the details soon.
     And of course, Happy Halloween!

1) What actress appeared in the "Kids in the Hall" comedy series, as well as on "MADtv," before starring in a horror movie series?

2) People often assume that Dr. Frankenstein's assistant was named Igor.  However, in the original "Frankenstein" (1931) he was named "Fritz," and in the sequel, "Bride of Frankenstein" (1935) the assistants were Karl and Ludwig.  What was the first Frankenstein movie where an assistant was named Igor (sometimes spelled Ygor)?

3) Actor Steve Hytner is arguably best known for playing bad comedian Kenny Bania in several episodes of "Seinfeld."  What horror series did he also appear in?

4) What state was the original 1958 version of 'The Blob" set and shot in?

5) What films make up Italian horror movie maestro Dario Argento's "Animal Trilogy"?

6) This one's dark.  What horror/comedy director was charged with involuntary manslaughter as a result of the tragic deaths of 3 actors in a film sequence he shot?  (He was later acquitted.)

7) What actor battled a Terminator, a Xenomorph from the "Alien" series, and a Predator (and was seen killed by at least one of these) and later directed a horror movie starring Matthew McConaughey?

8) Doug Bradley played the main villain in the first 8 "Hellraiser" movies, who goes by the names "Lead Cenobite," "Pinhead," and "The Hell Priest."  What was this character's original name, when he was born as a human?

9) What 80's horror movie did famous (and infamous) actor Charlie Sheen mistake for a real snuff movie in 1991 (He called the FBI, which did an investigation.)?

10) The 1970's and 80's saw the mini-genre of the "Cannibal Boom," mostly filmed by Italian directors and studios, and reaching its biggest success with "Cannibal Holocaust.".  Which movie is credited with starting this genre?

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  1. Answers: 1) Neve Campbell, star of the "Scream" series. 2) 1939's "Son of Frankenstein." 3) He played Joseph the coroner in the first 3 films of the "Prophecy" series. 4) It was set in various towns in Southeast Pennsylvania, and filmed in Downingtown, Valley Forge, Chester Springs, Royersford, and Phoenixville. 5) 1970's "The Bird with the Crystal Plumage," 1971's "Cat O'Nine Tails," and 1972's "Four Flies on Grey Velvet." 6) The director was John Landis, and the tragic accident happened during the filming of his segment "Time Out" for 1982's "Twilight Zone: The Movie." 7) Bill Paxton. Lance Henriksen is the other actor who had characters battle these 3 formidable creatures. 8) Captain Elliot Spencer (sometimes spelled Spenser), who was a British soldier in World War I. 9) "Guinea Pig 2: Flower of Flesh & Blood." 10) 1972's "The Man From Deep River," directed by Umberto Lenzi.