Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A More Detailed List of My Available Writings

     Thought that this week I'd do a rare post about my writing (weird, I know).  Over the years I've been doing this blog (since February of 2012), I've updated readers on accepted magazine stories, anthologies, and ebooks, but I've neglected to mention some of my pre-2012 ones.  Many of the magazines that published my stories then have unfortunately long since closed.  I guess like restaurants, many/most small magazines don't survive that long.  In looking for some of these magazines, I was both sad and amused that when I googled their names, one of the very few mentions of them were in the publishing histories of my writing bios for other published stories.  Fortunately, my first publisher, "Bibliophilos," is still alive, and just as stubbornly Luddite-ish as ever.  They're so anti-technology that not only are online submissions forbidden, a writer can't even mention computers, the internet, or emails in any of their stories, unless it's to disparage them!  (Another odd coincidence is that Bibliophilos is located in the same town (Fairmont, West Virginia) where I was attacked by a rabid fox back in March of 2000.)  Anyway, some of these old publications are still available, so I'm listing them below, along with brief descriptions of the stories.  I'll also repeat the stories post 2012 to be complete.

Free stories, available online:

"Down in the Dirt" emagazine.  My story is "Unhealthy Extremes," a brief tale about the disturbing results of a prospective father who's a little too sensitive about his wife's pregnancy.  It's a little tough to find.  Go to , and then click on "Down in the Dirt Literary Magazine."  Then click on "issues" and then scroll down until you hit Issue #7, March 2004.

"Wild Violet" emagazine.  My contribution, "YAIAWLR," is my take on a cliche story idea.  A guy who's questioning his place in life discovers what would happen in the world if he wasn't around.  The results are bizarre, and not what he expects.  To find it, go to     Or go to and put my name or YAIAWLR in the search bar.

"In D'tale" emagazine.  I have three nonfiction pieces with this magazine.  "The Hilariously Odd World of Publisher Guidelines" is about some of the unhelpful, limiting, and just plain weird guidelines that magazines and publishers list.  "What's in a Title?" is about some early rejected titles of famous books, record long and short titles, and the sources for many acclaimed book's titles.  Also I mock dozens of strange and amusing book titles, some of which are truly unbelievable.  "The World's Thickest Skins:  Records and Anecdotes on Rejection," is more geared to writers.  I've always been curious about which books were rejected the most, and how famous writers dealt with the inevitable disappointments.  To read these, go to, then put my name in the search bar.  Directions will be given on how to sign up and read all the articles, and issues, for free.

"Carnage Conservatory" emagazine.  My story, "Holes," is probably the grossest one I've ever written--a complete splatterpunk-type tale.  An overweight man is kidnapped, and let's just say being killed is the least of his concerns.  To locate, go to:
, and then scroll down near the bottom.

"The Literary Hatchet" emagazine and paper.  (Online version is free, paperback copies are about $9 plus.)  Had two stories here.  "Sudden Death Overtime" is my oldest (adult-written) story, about a man who puts the "fanatic" in football fan.  Mayhem ensues.  "St. Vincent," tells how The Mob has come up with a new way to make a profit.  One of their hitmen now carves out an obscene niche for himself.  To find, go to:  , and then click on "issues."  Then scroll down to Issues #11 and #12 and follow directions for downloading.  Paperback copies available on Amazon.

Non-free stories, not available on Amazon:

"Mobius Magazine."  My contribution, "All for Naught," is about a pregnant woman who gets devastating news.  Every mother's nightmare keeps getting worse and worse.  Based on a true medical issue.  To find, go to:  , and then click on "store."  Ordering information is there--issues are $2 including shipping for the paper issues, before 2008.  My story was in the February 1, 2003 issue.

"Morbid Curiosity" magazine.  Had three nonfiction articles with this one.  "Nature is Trying to Kill Me" is an account of some of my work-related injuries and mishaps.  Field archaeology isn't as dangerous as being a police officer, or working on a commercial fishing boat, but there are definitely hazards, sometimes weird and awful ones.  In Issue #7.  Next, "A Natural But Sick High," is in Issue #9.  I used to get some intense fevers as a kid, which occasionally resulted in crazy hallucinations.  Some of these are recounted here.  To locate, go to:    I think the issues are about $7, and ordering info is included there.  The third story, "Exhuming Corpses For Fun and Profit," in the out of print Issue #8, can be found as the October 23, 2013 post on this blog, so clearly another free one.

Non-free stories, available on Amazon:

"Creepy Campfire Quarterly, Vol. 1", from EMP Publishing.  My story is "Sheol," about a guy who dies, and then learns what the afterlife is all about.  Sort-of-spoiler alert--it's pretty disturbing and I hope thought-provoking.  Paperback last time I checked was from $6.36, and Kindle edition is $2.99.

"Undead Living," from Sunbury Press.  My story is "Responsibility."   A man is tormented by vengeful ghosts.... a lot of vengeful ghosts.  Forget one priest, he's going to need thousands!  Paperback starts from $10.95, and Kindle edition is $6.99.

"Creature Stew," from Papa Bear Press.  My contribution is "The Existence Mezzanine."  It's a tale about vicious zombies--but with a distinctive twist.  KindleUnlimited edition is free, $2.99 to buy.

"Coming Back," from Thirteen O"Clock Press.  The name of my story is "Next to Godliness."  A weird group investigates and celebrates existence in all its form.  However, one of these searches goes horribly awry.  Kindle edition is $5.00.

"Under the Bed Vol 02, No. 10" from Fiction Magazines.  My story in this, "Unholy Spirit," was quite long--10,000 words or so.  So I have a longer blurb below.
     Keisha Cartwright is a misanthrope.  Not content with just idly hating her fellow human beings, she yearns to be more proactive.  She's also rich, cunning, dedicated, and ever so patient.  Her deliberate misinterpretation of an anti-war novel gives her obscene inspiration.
     Keisha's victims are a mix of ages, races, genders, and home states.  They do have one thing in common--the unspeakable atrocities that have been done to them.  They're prisoners held behind both literal walls, and within their own skin.
     The victim's agony, and Keisha's glee, continue on for years.  Her busy schedule results in still more "clients" for her twisted schemes.  Will anybody ever stop her?  And even if they do, is it even possible to truly save her victims?
     Kindle edition is $3.99.

     Hope to have some more stories out soon.  Should be at least 3 more in 2016.  I'll give details here when I get them.
     And to all those who celebrate it, have a great St. Patrick's Day tomorrow!

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