Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Another Anthology is Out!

     I've been talking about this one for quite a while, and the book's out (for two days--I'm a bit late).  That book is "Cranial Leakage:  Tales From the Grinning Skull Volume 2", from Grinning Skull Press, edited by Michael J. Evans.  The Kindle edition is available on Amazon, for a price of $2.99.  The address is:   https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M748BZE
     Here's a set of one sentence story blurbs for some of the tales inside it:

A religious order believing themselves to be entrusted by God with certain secrets, will stop at nothing to keep those secret safe.

A haunted movie theater holds the key to a famous Scream Queen's return to life.

In an attempt to recapture his glory days at the height of the apocalypse, a bitter, insecure security guard commits a desperate act.

There is no art without sacrifice, as an aspiring poet is about to discover.

A random act of kindness turns out to be a nightmare for one family.

A demon goes out of his way to do good deeds, much to the confusion of his trainee.

Three detectives receive an assignment that lands them in an evolutionary nightmare.

A night auction that deals in human suffering attracts a clientele out of our worst nightmares.

     And here's a list of the featured authors and their story titles:

1) The Alchemist's Brotherhood by Sasha Abernathy
2) Empress of the Zombies by Mark McLaughlin
3) Post Apocalypse by R.T. Tandy
4) Snow Bound by Damir Salkovic
5) For Art by Ben Pienaar
6) Another Mouth to Feed by Adrian Ludens
7) Meet the Wife by Ken Goldman
8) The Ifrit by Deedee Davies
9) 9-1-1 by Alan Murdock
10) Slashes of Joy by Chris Phillips
11) Polythene Bags by V. Sparrow
12) The Anteater by Robert Stava
13) Sweeter Porridge by Kevin Bampton
14) The Legend of Thaddeus Bilodeau by Michael J. Labbe
15) Urban Legends by Lyn McConchie
16) A Night to Remember by Alex Liakos
17) Teddy's Bear Picnic by Joshua Dodson
18) Night of Twenty-Four Cats by Seaton Kay-Smith
19) Darwin's Revens by Jonah Buck
20) The Night Auction by Catherine Grant

     My story is "Cruel to be Kind."  And finally, here's the cover:

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