Saturday, April 28, 2018

"Hidden Menagerie Volumes 1 and 2" are out!!

     I've been discussing this for almost a year, and it's finally here!  Or, more accurately, they're here, as the original anthology was expanded into two volumes.  I'll start with with the back-of-the-book-jacket blurbs, condensed into one, since they're the same aside from a couple of sentences:

Cryptozoology--"The study of hidden animals."
The search for and study of animals whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated.

Menagerie: A strange or diverse collection of people or things.

Welcome to the Hidden Menagerie--a collection of short fiction involving various cryptozoological creatures.  In Volume 1 you will meet the beasts of the land.  Inside these pages you will be introduced to new visions of some creatures you are familiar with, like the Abominable Snowman and the Wendigo.  In Volume 2 you'll read about creatures of the air, sea, and animate vegetation, including such ones as the Kraken, Mermaids, and Lake Monsters.  And, finally, you'll learn about many other monsters, some of which you probably have never heard of.

These volumes include over 30 stories from some of the best dark speculative fiction writers working today.

A portion of the proceeds from all sales of the Hidden Menagerie volumes will benefit the Last Day Dog Rescue Organization.

     And here's the covers for both:

     The author list for Volume 1 is:

1) Sarah Hands
2) Frances Pauli
3) Joette M. Rozanski
4) Zachary Finn
5) Samantha Rich
6) Adam Millard
7) Lauren E. Reynolds
8) Dale L. Sproule
9) Lynn Rushlav
10) Erik Goldsmith
11) Sarah Diebereiner
12) Nemma Wollenfang
13) Matt Hayward
14) Jaleta Clegg
15) JG Flaherty
16) A. Collingwood
17) And myself.  My story is called "The Keystone State."

The author list for Volume 2 is:

1) Aimee Odgen
2) Kyle E. Miller
3) Mark David Adam
4) B.D. Keefe
5) Jennie Brass
6) Lawrence Harding
7) Soumya Sundar Mukherjee
8) Haley Holden
9) Danielle Warnick
10) Jeff Brigham
11) Eric Guignard
12) Kevin Wetmore
13) Gregory L. Norris
14) Lauren Childs
15) Ellen Denton
16) Sharon King
17) KA Masters

      You can buy both volumes on Amazon--the Kindle editions for both for $9.99, and the paperback version of both for $15.95.

     Therefore, I'd like to thank the owner and editor of Dragon's Roost Press, Michael Cieslak, for all his efforts.  Also, the cover artwork was done by Luke Spooner.

     So, if you'd like to read about a wide variety of mythical (or are they?) animals from all across the planet, head on over to Amazon and pick yourself up some books!

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