Thursday, October 24, 2013

Horror Author Trivia Contest and Guest Blog Post Info

     Just to recap the rules, the first person to correctly answer all ten of these questions correctly wins a free copy of one of my ebooks, either “Dead Reckoning” or “Kaishaku.”  In the event that no one answers all ten, the winner will be the person who answers the most correctly by the end of the Coffin Hop (October 31st).  If there is a tie during that last scenario, I’ll choose among those who tied randomly.  Good luck!
Also, here's the address for the Coffin Hop:

1)      In Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” the monster finds three books which he uses to help him learn how to read.  Name the books.
2)      In Dean Koontz’s “Phantoms” what is the name of the character who wrote a book about mysterious disappearances throughout history (“The Ancient Enemy”), and anticipated the situation that occurs in the book?
3)      What is the title of Stephen King’s first published story (not counting stories in his brother’s newspaper)?
4)      What famous author published stories in his local (Brooklyn) newspaper starting at the incredibly young age of 8?
5)      In 1977, Berkley Books published novelizations to many of the classic Universal horror movies from the 1930’s and 40’s.  A famous author wrote three of them (“Bride of Frankenstein,” “Dracula’s Daughter,” and “The Wolf Man,”), using the pen name “Carl Dreadstone.”  Name him.
6)      What exotic locale was where Scottish born Robert Louis Stevenson died, in 1894?*
7)      What famous author was a speechwriter and campaign organizer for Carl Zeidler’s successful early 1940’s campaign to be mayor of Milwaukee?
8)      What famous author was born Howard Allen Frances O’Brien?
9)      Several real life spies, and Fleming’s own experiences, were inspirations for Ian Fleming famous James Bond character.  Another reported inspiration was a spy series written by an author arguably more famous for his many horror books.  Name him.
10)  During the 1980’s and 90’s there was a movement in horror writing called “Splatterpunk,” characterized by very graphic, gory descriptions of violence, designed as a “revolt against the traditional, meekly suggestive horror stories.”  What noted author (and practitioner) is credited with coining this term?

*  I thought this was a funny coincidence—at one point in his life Stevenson visited Molokai, and heard a clergyman speaking ill of noted leprosy humanitarian Father Damien.  He disagreed, and wrote a strong letter criticizing this man’s opinions.  This man’s name was….Dr. Hyde. 

Also, today (Friday, October 25th) I'll be guest blogging on Karen Kennedy Samoranos' blog, with an article about writing inspiration.  The address is: 


  1. okay so I'll give a go:
    1. Paradise Lost, Plutarch's Lives, The Sorrows of Young Werther
    2. dunno
    3. The Dark Tower?
    4. Richard Matheson
    5.Ramsay Campbell
    6. Samoa
    7-10 dunno

    howzat not bad hey

  2. No. Just, no. The winner shall never be allowed near the set of Jeopardy, whether or not this is an open-book test!

  3. 1. Paradise Lost, Plutarch's Lives and The Sorrows of Young Werther
    2. Timothy Flyte
    3. I was a Teenage Grave Robber
    4. Richard Matheson
    5. Ramsey Campbell
    6. Apia, Samoa
    7. Robert Bloch
    8. Anne Rice
    9. Dennis Wheatley
    10. David J Schow

  4. Cait, indeed not bad, you were right on Questions 1, 4, 5 and 6. Lori--tried to make this quiz challenging, but hopefully not overly so, and still fun. Jeanette, good job--10 out of 10, you win. You can contact me at:, and let me know which of my ebooks you'd like. I'll be posting excerpts/synopses of both in the next few days, to help you decide, or you can read the same at before that. Thanks again to all for reading, and participating! More posts, and one more quiz (horror movie trivia) to follow.