Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Kaishaku" Blurb/Excerpt and Prize Info

     Below you'll find the blurb and excerpt for my other ebook, "Kaishaku," also from Musa Publishing.  As before, the book's cover is included on the column of photos to the right.  The web address for Musa is:
     This is the last day of Coffin Hop 2013.  I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.  I'd like to thank Axel and Julie for starting and hosting the Hop, my co-bloggers for their involvement, and everyone for visiting all 80+ participating blogs.  This past week has been both entertaining and informative.  I'm sure as a result that visitors have all discovered new authors and artists whose work they'd like to check out.
     Everyone has until midnight tonight, Eastern Standard Time, to comment and thereby enter my random drawing.  I'll be announcing the winners in a post tomorrow, so please check back.  Or, you can drop me a line at and I'll let you know if you won, and what formats you can get your prize ebook in, etc.
     Thanks again, everyone, and, of course, have a great Halloween!

  Kaishaku Blurb:

     After receiving a DUI, Dustin Dempster is working off some community service hours at a hospital.  While there he’s asked to do some amateur counseling of sometimes difficult patients.  He thinks this a waste of time, but he reluctantly agrees.
     One of these difficult patients is Levon Howard, a man paralyzed from the neck down because of a car accident.  He’s initially uncooperative, but after being charmed by Dustin’s brutal honesty and willingness to break some small hospital rules, he agrees to participate.  Soon he’s revealing his biggest secrets to Dustin…
     For Levon is an obsessed and unrepentant killer of the worst sort, only with a personal quirk.  Despite his revulsion, Dustin finds himself intrigued by Levon’s story.  Soon he finds himself doing what was once unthinkable, and realizes that he’s being affected by what he’s learned.  Will Howard’s madness claim yet another victim, or even another perpetuator?

Kaishaku Excerpt:

     Dustin pulled up his chair, and listened intently.
     “For starters, my name is Levon, so call me that.  Not big on ‘Mr. Howard.’  Fort is right in a way—I do want to talk.  Just not to someone like him, or his flunkies, or a nurse.  What I’m going to tell you I’ve never told anyone—but I figure, why not?  My life—my real life—is over.
     “You never told anyone?  Why not?”
     “Shut up and listen!  You’ll see.  But anyway, the most important thing in my life is that I’m obsessed with killing.  With a catch—I’m not a murderer.  I’ve never been arrested, never went to jail, and never even broke the law.”
     Levon paused to catch his breath, and Dustin just stared at him, and resisted the urge to laugh.  Come on!  This guy’s gotta be fucking with me!  Or was he?  He looked pretty sincere—could he be serious?  Maybe he would have been better off not talking to him.  But, on the other hand, Levon could hardly attack him even if he wanted to, and besides, Dustin was a little curious.  So he waited for the paralyzed man to resume.



  1. Love you, Coffin Hop, and all the themed posts! I'll miss you! My TBR list is now way too long!