Sunday, February 1, 2015

Creature Stew Now Available

     I'm happy to announce that "Creature Stew," the horror anthology from Papa Bear Press, is now available.  As I mentioned in previous posts, this contains one of my stories, "The Existence Mezzanine," which is a tale about some unusual, vicious zombies.  You can find it on Amazon (, obviously).  The Kindle edition is 119 pages, and can be yours for $2.99.  A book blurb is below.

     Looking for a fresh dose of rampaging, brain-eating zombies to fill your night with terror?  Or how about a killer catfish the size of a Honda that can churn a man into mush?  If you're searching for a good scare, this selection of eighteen terrifying short stories from talented newcomers and seasoned veteran authors will keep you engrossed.  Dish out a portion of Creature Stew!  Authors include C.C. Adams, Kate Bowen, Shenoa Carroll-Bradd, Michael Clark, Dave Dormer, Marc Ferris, Tom Folske, Ken Goldman, Daniel Hale, Robert Hart, Tessa Hatheway, Calypso Kane, Matthew Smallwood, Chad Stroup, D.S.Ullery, Matthew Weber, and E.S. Wynn.

    I'd like to thank my talented co-authors, and of course the staff at Papa Bear Press--President/Managing Editor Michael S. Collins, and CEO Steve Erickson.

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