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Kaishaku Character Interview

    As I mentioned in Saturdays's post, my ebook publisher, Musa Publishing, is closing soon, on February 28th.  Therefore, I'm posting all week about those two ebooks.  Musa is having a sale on all books, too--everything is 80% off.  So "Dead Reckoning" is down to 60 cents, and "Kaishaku" is now 40 cents to buy.           

Character Interview—Dustin Dempster from Kaishaku

Q: Why do you think Paul Stansfield chose you to represent Kaishaku?
A:  Because he had no other choice.  There are two major characters in the story, and Levon sure the hell wouldn’t agree to talk.
Q:  Tell us a little about yourself.
A:  I’ve lived in Oregon all of my life, and went to school here, too.  I’m a junior executive at a software company.  My girlfriend’s name is Jenny, and she manages a bar/restaurant.
Q:  What drew you to the area?
A:  I’ve stayed in the Portland area because all of my friends and family are here, and I was able to find a good job, too.  Why leave?
Q:  What do you wish people would know about you?
A: I’ve taken a lot of heat about the DUI.  I wish people would understand that while I admit to being at fault ultimately, I was also a victim of a string of coincidences and bad luck.  Plus I did my time, so to speak—lots of trash picked up, grunt work done at the hospital, and with the counseling detailed in the book.
Q:  Is there anything that you wish Paul Stansfield had kept his mouth shut about?
A:  Yeah, like the whole book!  He paints me as being…obsessive and weird.  Which I’m not—I’m a normal guy.  And I’m worried about the last part of the story, from a possible legal and ethical standpoint.
Q:  When were you born?
A:  April 22, 1978.  Gen X, I guess.  Not that I buy into all the generational crap.
Q:  Since your story deals with a killer, tell us about some killers who you think most people don’t know about.
A:  Well, there’s Richard Kuklinski, “The Iceman.”  He was a free lance killer for several NY mob families, as well as on his own, and he very well may have slaughtered over 100 people.  His specialty was tying up victims in a cave, where they’d be devoured by rats, while being filmed.  Or the Gonzalez sisters—Maria de Jesus, Delfina, Maria Louise, and Carmen.  They ran a brothel in San Francisco del Rincon, Guanajuato, Mexico, in the 1950’s and 1960’s, and killed over 90 people, mostly prostitutes who got sick or old.  Or there’s noted rapist killer Carl Panzram—the unrepentant killer.  His last words to the executioner were, “Hurry it up, you Hoosier bastard!  I could kill ten men while you’re fooling around.”  I guess he had an important appointment in hell!
Q:  Where have we seen you before?
A:  You haven’t.  This is my first appearance.
Q:  What is your perfect evening?
A:  Probably a night out with friends, bowling or at a bar, then some Q.T. with the lady at home.
Q:  What is your favorite sports team?
A:  I don’t follow other people playing sports.  So my favorite teams were ones I was on—baseball as a kid, and basketball and track in high school.
Q:  What are your biggest fears?
A:  You’re baiting me—you want me to say the obvious, that Levon’s story affected me.  Well, it didn’t!  I’m fine.  So I’ll say my fear are…clowns and having my apartment broken into.
Q:  Why should readers be interested in your story?
A:  It’s entertaining, I suppose, and disturbing, even if Stansfield didn’t always get his facts straight.
Q:  What are your turn ons?  Turn offs?
A:  Turn ons…Jenny, reading, and exercising.  Turn offs… liars and blabbermouths.
Q:  What is the most effective movie about a killer you’ve seen?
A:  Probably Henry:  Portrait of a Serial Killer.  Even if the real life basis for the story, Henry Lee Lucas, had his exploits wildly exaggerated.  Talk about showing the banality of evil—it seems like you’re watching a documentary.  Much more effective than most of the glitzy, big budget movies.  The Silence of the Lambs was also excellent.
Q:  Will we be seeing more of you, or are you stepping out of the limelight?

A:  You might, but I think next time I’ll write about myself.  I’ll have control about what’s written, not slant it so that people get the wrong idea.

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