Saturday, October 8, 2016

Further Information about Halloween Haunts 2016

     As I've been mentioning for the past couple of weeks, the Halloween Haunts event is currently going on at the HWA's (Horror Writers Association) blog.  Here is the next week's schedule in advance.  As you'll notice, some days have 2 posts.  And that address again is:

October 8: A Dia de Muertos Primer by Vanta M. Black

October 9: Be a Better Writer with "Jaws" by Tom Leveen

October 10: Edinburgh Terror by Denise A. Agnew

October 11: Honoring the Dead by Heddy Johanneson

October 12: Never a Night Off by Lincoln Cole

October 13: Masks by Micky Neilson

October 13: Tricks, Treats, and Terrors by Christopher Clark

October 14: Nightmare on My Street by Ed Cardillo

October 15: Halloween Costumes by Paul Stansfield

  Also, forget to include this before, but obviously if you're considering joining the HWA, you can find the most information about it on the HWA website.  That address is:

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