Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Writing Updates and Some Horror Trivia

     Just recently heard from the publishers of two horror anthologies that will include my stories.  First off, the editor from Grinning Skull Press informed me that "Cranial Leakage Volume 2" is due out very soon.  Secondly, I finished the edits for my contribution to EMP Publishing's "The Prison Compendium."  That one has a release date of December 13th of this year. I'll include more information about both as soon as I get it.

     Once again, in memory of the Coffin Hop blog hop that ran during late October from 2012-14, I'd like to throw out more horror trivia questions, mostly about movies.  Feel free to put your guesses in the Comments section.  I'll check back in a few weeks and put the answers in the Comments section as well.

1) The famous Broadway musical "Brigadoon" was the (loose) basis for what (in)famous splatter movie?

2) Lucio Fulci's classic film "The Beyond" (aka as "The 7 Doors of Death") features what forbidden book of the so-called "Cthulhu Mythos"?

3) What controversial 1980's horror film is credited with being the first "found footage" movie?

4) Before he played the teenaged/young adult Anakin Skywalker in two of the "Star Wars" prequels, Hayden Christensen made his debut in a 90's horror movie made by a famous director.  Name it.

5) What real life town, stricken and basically destroyed by a human-made accident, was the inspiration for the town in the "Silent Hill" movie?  (Not for the original video game.)

6) The underrated 1987 movie "The Stepfather" is loosely based on what real life multiple murderer?

7) The Australian movie "Wolf Creek" (2006) (and its sequel) was inspired by what two, separate real life convicted killers?

8) H.P. Lovecraft ghostwrote an Egyptian-themed horror tale for a famous American entertainer in the 1920's.  Name them.

9) What "Game of Thrones" co-star had a major role in the 2002 werewolf movie "Dog Soldiers"?

10) The events in the original, 1973 version of "The Wicker Man" take place on what (fictitious) Hebrides Island, off the coast of Scotland?   (For people who only know of the terrible 2006 remake of this movie, perhaps from the "Nicolas Cage being menaced by BEES!" internet meme, the original film is actually very good, and quite interesting.  You might want to check it out.)

     Also, just as a reminder, the Horror Writers Association's Horror Haunts blog event is still going on.  The address is:   My article on Halloween costumes will be featured on Saturday, Oct. 15th.

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  1. Here are the answers: 1) 1964's "2000 Maniacs!", directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis. 2) The Book of Eibon, created by author Clark Ashton Smith. 3) Cannibal Holocaust. 4) "In the Mouth of Madness" (1995), directed by John Carpenter. 5) Centralia, Pennsylvania, which is a ghost town due to a coal mine fire that's lasted decades. 6) John List, who murdered his family in 1971 and lived over 17 years as a fugitive. He was caught after a neighbor recognized him after seeing his profile on an 1989 episode of "America's Most Wanted." 7) Ivan Milat and Bradley Murdoch. 8) He wrote "Imprisoned with the Pharaohs" for magician/escape artist Harry Houdini. 9) Liam Cunningham, who played Captain Ryan in the movie, and who plays Ser Davos Seaworth on "Game of Thrones." 10) Summerisle.